Sound New Answers From The Israeli Desert

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THE AMMENUEL ETHOS:                          

The Calling of the Biblical 144,000 Jews in Israel

“Deep knowledge about the Bible, the New Testament and history.....unique interpretation to historical events, gathers the exceptional point of view about the present.”
Israeli Defense Forces
Office of the General Staff



"The Ammenuel Ethos: The Calling of the Biblical 144,000 Jews in Israel" is a newly revealed scripture-based faith emphasizing advanced secular values. The underlying beliefs have been discovered in Israel from a POST Judeo-Christian reality. This work is a prime theological update with empowered works on the ground enabled by the calling, sealing(God's acceptance) and acts of the Biblical 144,000 Jews in Israel. Long misunderstood, the purpose of the 144,000 is the force that induces gentile nations, notably China, toward the New Theology.