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"THE AMMENUEL ETHOS: China's New Mandate of Heaven"

Includes chapters translated into Mandarin

by Mendel Edwardson

"A masterpiece", Jilin University(China)     

“Deep knowledge about the Bible... and unique interpretation to historical events...gathers the

exceptional point of view about the present.” Israeli Defense Forces, Office of the General Staff 



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"The Ammenuel Ethos: China's New Mandate of Heaven"" is a newly revealed Bible-based faith emphasizing advanced secular values. The underlying beliefs have been discovered in Israel from a POST Judeo-Christian reality. This work is a prime theological update empowered from Israel and a fascinating Bible study unto itself explaining current events. With scriptural, photographic and other proofs, the 1963 'Thief in the Night' Second Coming yielding the absolute end of the Jesus blood covering is declared. In our new dimension God has a new but fully Biblical name (Ammenuel in Hebrew=Our Nation Is God= Wo Men De Min Zu Shi Shang Di in Mandarin). The explanations of America's chaos and the eventual passing of enlightenment from the planet are main themes. The conclusion is the current Interregnum power shifting from the USA to China as God's continued westward move. Yet, no Sino renaissance is possible until there is a fresh spiritual basis called "The Ammenuel Ethos" which is national and patriotic in its application.